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MPM's (Majlis Pelelong Malaysia) strong sincere commitment and engaging with authorities to improve the livelihood of the Auctioneers has received collective appreciation from utmost all the state auctioneers. We have received mandate to represent from the following Auctioneers to discuss and send proposals for the benefits of the practicing auctioneers in Malaysia.

1. Kuala Lumpur Auctioneers

2. Negeri Sembilan Auctioneers

3. Melaka Auctioneers

4. Pahang Auctioneers

5. Johore Auctioneers

6. Penang Auctioneers

7. Perak Auctioneers

8. Selangor Auctioneers

9. Kedah Auctioneers

10. Kelantan & Trengganu Auctioneers









*The Auctioneers Council of Malaysia will continue to uphold professionalism and highlight the plight of the Auctioneers in Malaysia*
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