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Why Join MPM?

If you are interested in furthering your auctioneering career, joining a professional auctioneer association is a good start. An Auctioneer association is a synergistic group, meaning that the effect of a collection of people is greater than just one person. Here are some benefits of joining an Auctioneer association.

Enhance your network:

For most people, creating professional relationships is important, and joining a group allows you to have a sense of security and trust. From this, you are able to support and help one another in reaching your professional goals. Learn "best practices" or new ideas, hear about key achievers in your field and also meet and brainstorm with others who are also looking to share and learn new information. Another benefit of enhancing your network is that you may find a mentor to help you with your professional needs or you may be in a position to become a mentor to someone else. Giving back can be the greatest reward and benefit. Participating in forums, chat groups or discussion boards sponsored by the association is also a great way to grow your network.

Take charge of your career:

Another important reason to consider membership to a professional organization is to take advantage of their career resources. And don't forget, listing your association membership on your resume is impressive to current or future employers as it shows that you are dedicated to staying connected in your profession.

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